Sunday, October 24, 2010


Lying in bed this morning got me thinking, how often do we overlook the greatness that’s happening around us 24 / 7 from the usual daily grind, to the issues in the news and all the other pointless shit that distracts us from all that is that good and great.

I read a post on Facebook from someone wishing that something great would happen, stop wishing it’s around us from the people whose paths cross ours , to the times shared with them, to the “one or two” drinks shared with best friends. To me what could be greater than the mutual understanding and quiet honestly love shared between the people you care about

I’m not implying that we need to walk around ignorant of the issues around us but sitting on the beach yesterday morning after a particularly good night watching the sun rise got me thinking, it’s time to slow down and smell those proverbial roses.

Greatness is there weather we notice it or not, Stop looking and embrace it I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time to link

After a "mellow one or two" with my mates last night I came to the realisation that not much work would be happening today so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite time wastage sites, enjoy!

Text’s from last night

A collection of text’s from drunken Americans…hugely entertaining though. Highly addictive!

Barclays Premier League

A source of news results for all the football that took place in the premier league.


Need info on the next Trance party? Anything trance, hit ‘em up…Register for the forum and become part of the community

Questionable Content

A brilliant “indie” minded comic, daily updates make it a win.


“Die Beste Afrikaans blog and website…”…Nuff said

Don’t Even Reply

Emails from an Asshole…when updated. Hilarious

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Experience

So as my memory has finally (I think) returned to a somewhat normal state after the first Equinox Experience, what an experience indeed, Rocking up at the party seeing some clown getting kicked out got me thinking OK these guys are getting rid of the idiots already, good times are to come and man did they come. With my mate Brendan’s cabby packed with alcoholic supplies, my little brother and my mate Ty, I knew things are getting proper out of hand, in a good way of course, and out of hand they got.

We took the “pre trip” stroll down to explore our playground… very impressed the venue was fantastic, the d├ęcor was incredible until the wind picked up and screwed up the shade but that didn’t stop the good vibes and happy times I'm sure everybody had!

I’ve seen a fair few complaints about not being a real trance party…These are obviously by the “tards” who did'nt bother reading the flyer or the countless updates on Facebook, it was an outdoor electronic experience, where we got treated to multiple styles of electronic music personally I think the organisers knocked it out of the park, being a “trancer” there could have been a couple more trance acts but I honestly don’t think that it made or did'nt make the party, I’m sure with the success of the first Experience we’ll be treated to many more to come

As the countdown to Spiritual Synaesthesia presented by The Village, gets ever closer, I can hardly contain myself, as The Village party last year was without a doubt my best party! With the quality of the parties this season I can honestly say, that this shit is about to get a whole new level of crazy! With Acts like Rubix Qube, Biorhythm, Headroom and Tune Raider, we are going to be treated to some of the fattest beats and tweekiest tunes known to man.

Catch you on the stomping ground!!