Monday, January 31, 2011


Friday saw the arrival of I LOVE BASS at 121 Castle. If you missed it, you missed out! A plush and unspoiled venue with ample parking out front, two particularly well serviced bars, a tapas menu, VIP area and fantastic d├ęcor, served as all that was needed to get the party turning into a banger. Add the filthy breaks and dirty bass being thrown down by some heavy talented DJ’s, and we've got a winner. 

First up on the list of exceptionally awesome “thrower-downers-of-tunes” was Callan Maart (on a BREAK records) mixing it up with his own slick production. In my opinion, Callan is a talent and you all should keep him on your radars; He definitely got the night off to a sick start, the ambience so powerful one could assume from the vibes that things were about to get proper messy! 

As the liquid refreshments started to flow, the peeps started making their way to the floor, causing the party to kick up a gear. Next up on the decks was LG Fritz (on a BREAK records, Fukk it) and wow, did he bring the noise in large doses - fuck yes! Fat quantities of noise were the order of business and, believe me, those tunes were legend. The tempo went up and the growing crowd got down.

The stage was set, the crowd was hungry for more and :: more was had :: on steps Mezzanine (MuthaFM, Malignant Music). With his high energy set, Mezzanine had the crowd at his mercy - getting involved with us behind the decks, showing us love, and dropping some exceedingly sick tunes.
Headline Act: Enough Weapons (on a BREAK records) was up next… What a set! All the right ingredients were had for the crowd to get filthy:- along with floor shaking bass, dropping dance floor bangers and each and every hook and twist. People were kept on the bounce. Infectious as it was, I must ask: if you haven’t been a part of the mayhem (caused by Enough Weapons) where the hell have you been? 

To shut things down for the evening, Mr Bong (Two Twiggs Xperiment) jumped behind the decks and, to be honest, surprised even the seasoned “veterans” of the game with a killer set that ended the night on a supreme vibe, leaving people wondering when the next instalment of I LOVE BASS will be happening.

With all said and done, the first instalment went down way better than ‘smooth’, and I personally look forward - with bated breath - to round two.

Stay tuned for exclusive interviews with the guys who made it all happen.

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