Saturday, March 5, 2011

Little bit of life...

Having not posted in a while has left me feeling more than a little rusty. If truth be told, 5 or 6 unfinished posts litter my desktop all with the promise of being pretty damn amazing. Alas, once inspiration strikes, I've learnt that you should harness it as soon as it gets you, before you're sitting in front of your PC screen with two awesome sentences and little else to write about. This brings me to today's post - having felt the kick and all that!

So, my own website is firmly in the pipelines and I'm starting to pick up little pieces of advice and inspiration often nowadays. I think - it's what you do with that input that counts - and having spoken to a good friend a few nights ago, my mind was opened up to they extent that I now see the bigger picture. Looking ahead, something we think we do, and stopping to smell the roses, leads me to the realisation that the bigger picture, little be fathomed by me, is still in need of another 15 steps toward my anxiously abated destination.

Keeping that in mind, I have a theory: A "2 second rule" - before any reaction we try to take "2 seconds" just to think as far ahead as possible and guess how our actions would effect and affect the person or situation being reacted to. I think that if we used this "rule" for any and all situations that arise in daily life: be it in relationships, the work place or with with mates, taking that 2 seconds to realise that 'shit I don't rate this is gonna work out' and changing course, could and would prevent titanic-ing situations and it would be optional to change said situation to suit all involved. 

Don't get me wrong here. Spontaneity is fucking amazing, as it rightly should be... I'm not implying we should hold back on being spontaneous, but, in situations, where ever possible, (I'm life lesson-ing you here) take the time to just have a think and observe what is actually going on. How many times have you thought to yourself  "FUCK that was stupid, should have thought that through a little better" ?? Hmm?

More often than not I'll find myself over analysing situations to the point where I'll be completely put off an idea - to and fro for a while, while my mind fiddles with the math, only to come full circle and end up going along with whichever vibe it is my mates and 'close personals' are into at the present moment and despite all the brain gymnastics, land up having an off the wall time. Then there are the times when I throw caution to the wind, just don't give a shit and just sort of drift/go with whatever is happening and land up thinking I should have stayed home with a flick or a good book. Life - thou art a sadistic game at times.

I'm guessing - if one reaches the perfect balance between overly-cautious and bordering-on-pure-recklessness - life would reach some sort of Buddhist harmonious balance. Where you could just be and things would be. I could be missing the point altogether here (we can't, of course, predict all outcomes) but it feels so good to have written something again.

So it's weekend, I, for one, don't need 2 seconds to know that it's going to be a good one!