Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Overwhelming bass lines & reverberant drum patterns

We talk about everything from drinks to tattoos to the occasional reminiscant look at the days when we were innocent, but now, my friends and avid readers (are you?), I’d like to take a look at this genre of electronic dance music, it being a relatively new playground popular. I’ve been educated that it originates from London, but can we really pin down the exact location some clever being (beings) put together these tightly coiled productions, with clipped samples and occasional lyrics?

Only problem, every 12 year old kid believes he is ‘underground’. Plus, have you seen people dance to this music? Sure you have. And because you don’t have the device that I have in my head that allows you to replay events in slow motion, you haven’t realised how fucking retarded people actually look when jamming. Yes, no one cares, ‘cause everyone’s drunk or on drugs, but indulge me, will you? Termed ‘skanking all over the place to filthy choons’, I’ll give you a brief (thank God) look at “how dubsteppers dance”.
The point is to loosen up, make yourself look as silly as possible, throw your limbs and head around a lot – to the beat – and make sure everyone sees how dumb you look doing that. People seem to use this ‘dance’ to show how ‘obviously oblivious’ they are to the judgement of others. OK, so i’m being judgmental.
People pretty much look like sugared up circus monkeys. I have been told, though, that the point is to have fun, be yourself and get your “skank” on. So I’ll stop my cynicism now.

And try to look like a retard as soon as possible at a party. Less serious now, you see?

General jittery, irregular rhythm tracks incorporate breakbeat or darker elements of drum and bass, to form dubstep. The term ‘dubstep’ was only really referenced in 2002, when it started becoming more distinct from other genres of music. This shows just how new/ up-and-coming this type of music is, and how quickly it has infected the creatures in my general group of mates. The year 2009 saw the dubstep sound gain further worldwide recognition, often through the incorporation of basics of the sound into other genres, in a manner similar to drum 'n bass.

Have a look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/list_of_dubstep_musicians

And here: http://www.dubstep.fm/

While you're at it:http://www.muthafm.com/ Monday nights:- “The Flipside”, hosted by Mezzanine

Many clubs in Cape Town and surrounds now play this music, in amongst playlists including tracks off the 5fm top 40, some trance (depending on location), and r&b. In fact, many dubstep tracks are remixes of popular radio anthems, ultimately incorporating a larger audience and introducing those who haven’t enjoyed drum 'n bass and similar genres of music before. This process is known as ‘dubstepifying’ - the act of remixing a song from a genre other than dubstep, thereby creating a dubstep tune.

Urbandictionary defines dubstep as ‘orgasmic vibrations’, ‘audio thunder’ and ‘the music that is created from transformers having sex’.

Comments made about this ‘scene’ – the ones beginning with “filthier than…”, or “dirtier than…”, are more than a little overboard. Too foul to be repeated on here. But if you feel the need, Google's your answer there.

OK, so I see that the art of dubstep dance is, in fact, an art. have a look at this (blurry) chick dance.http://www.rajputbrotherhood.com/video-search/watch/aq7jr-xemha/dubstep-dance.html


P.S Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with DJ Mezzanine in the next installment of the Chronicles

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