Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Last week Monday it started this uncontrollable urge to get absolutely mental with my boys. Tuesday was electric, Wednesday and Thursday passed in a blur, finally Friday rolls around with ominous weather our side of the world, hoping Mother Nature would be as gracious as she was with the weather at Sprung, I wasn’t disappointed.

Sitting in the back of a super packed bakkie we headed off to Nekkies Camp Resort…man what a ride squashed like sardines we made the most of it and were finally greeted with the sight of our trance family.

Set up shop and made missions friends were found, beers were traded and Mr Jagermeister came out to play and play we did…

Friday night hit us like a pounding hammer from getting all tribal at the drumming circle in the Peace Camp, PH Fat getting everybody going crazy on the floor to the pre-trance “warm up” pool side…we were home and got loose!

Saturday morning saw coffee and the delicacies of the food stalls first up on the menu. Walking back to the bakkie, I could see I was'nt the only semi broken being around but needless to say everybody looked ready for more, and it came!

Boardies on it was time to cool off…a decent little stroll to the dam to be confronted with the coldest water I have ever felt, only one of my mates were brave enough to get wet.

Saturday night saw the main trance floor rise up and blow the shit out of everybody’s mind from the awe inspiring visuals to the pounding rig that spewed out some of the sickest beats I have heard, throw in a Michael Jackson remix and the floor was packed with bodies rising to the beats being thrown at us by more than capable hands.

In a previous post I said that I hope Earthdance could match up to the brilliance of Sprung… Earthdance blew my mind and my body!!

To sum up the weekend with my broken memories and aching body…what an experience, scratch that F#%KING HELL what a crazy crazy ride, everyone I know that went had a supreme weekend…The organisers pulled out all the stops and gave us one mad party!!

This season is turning out to be amazing, I can’t wait for my next outdoor experience at The Village, where I'm sure you’ll join me in opening your mind!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hardly able to contain myself, we finally jumped down the rabbit hole to Tulbagh, loaded with liquid supplies, and open minds…

Sprung…Shit where do I even start??? The awesome venue? The crazy ostriches? The beautiful woman? The fantastic weather? The friendly vibes? The pounding trance?

Eventually we were greeted with the sight of picturesque mountains, open fields, Ostriches…and the colorful trance family united once more for pure stomping pleasure!!

With Mother Nature playing her part, it was only natural to go explore our new “wonderland”. With the lush grass shoes were defiantly optional. With a choice of two dams, we chose the nearest to us, a short uphill walk and you are greeted with freezing cold water to really kick start the rejuvenation process after a good couple of cold ones in the baking sun!

After exploring the treasures of the “shop’s” we decided to check out the stomping ground, slight downhill but looked supreme! Thought it might be a little small for the amount of people that were constantly arriving...I was wrong there was ample space to let loose and feel the music! Lined with what turned out to be the "tweekiest" trees I have ever seen in my life it was straight up magical! The art surrounding the floor was amazing the Chill out spot/tents where comfy where a friend was either close at hand or you just made new ones!

More beers pass…

The night rolls in and the crazy in everyone came out to play and play we did!! Friends are made over shared smokes and drinks, From the swirls of lazers and flashing lights everyone is family and we stomp to the same beat, From EMP's mind numbing set to Hiyarant primal poundage it was defiantly an evening to morning of solid solid stomping!!

Finally making it back to the car for a “power nap” seemed quite daunting with my stomping legs still very much wanting to be stomping up a storm!

I can without a doubt say that Sprung 2010 was one hell of a party and if this is how the season starts, Boys & Girls you better buckle the f#!k up we are in for one hell of a ride.

EMP Throwing it down ===>

Some decent pic's by Pierre Hugo ===>

It seems that my body has just about returned to it's usual state, and it's got me wondering...Earthdance are you going to be able to top this? With 9 days 22hrs and 10mins to go...I can only hope

See you on the Stomping ground!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Springing to Sprung

As the new season rolls in and envelopes us in its "Magical Springy-Ness" add some “lurve” and decent music into the mix and what do you get… SPRUNG!

Yup, you read right Sprung…One of the first outdoor trance parties of the season and its taking place this weekend in Tulbagh, with a variety of outstanding DJ’s, a beautiful outdoor venue, deep pounding bass, psychedelic tweeks and happy vibes you know it’s going to be an adventure.

It will be only fitting, once I have returned from partying on the moon with some of my best mates, to give you I don’t want to say a review, but for lack of a better word a review of how everything went down…from the crazy adventure down the rabbit hole to Wonderland and back to civilisation!

Happy Spring to you all!!