Monday, February 21, 2011

Winds of Change

With the wind of change finally blowing me out of the doldrums, it's time for changes and changes a plenty. First off the bat, I'll be launching a second blog which will be your one stop shop for everything relating to the electronic music scene: party reviews, interviews, promotional work, photos. You get the point.

I’ll be kicking off on a huge high with the second instalment of I LOVE BASS, which is definitely going to be a must read if you can’t attend and a banger if you do (valid excuses needed if missed), followed by a host of interviews with the people who made it all happen - 1st and 2nd instalments inclusive. So, do me the honour of having a look – read, revel; you’ll enjoy it. Almost as much as I'll enjoy presenting my findings to you.

I present to you Auditory Vision :
 Please hit me up with anycomments or suggestions for the blog

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Soulful Hunger

Whether it’s the crazy stage antics of Daron Malakian of Scars on Broadway and formerly System of a Down, or the pounding bass and psychadelic twists and tweeks of Skazi, music is food for the soul. Dub, punk, rock, trance, blues, jazz - whatever genre you find yourself most attracted to - it will always be the music: a drug that is ingested through the ears, each genre producing a different effect on our psyche.

How often do we find ourselves waking up in the morning with a certain song ricocheting off the walls of our skulls? (That may just be me, though) You’ll find you need that "drug", you have to listen to that track, and when you do and you finally achieve your "high", all is well in your world.

In my office at work my ears are often pleasantly assaulted with the sounds of just about every genre of music known to man: From Jamiroquai to Martha Munizy’s soulful gospel voice (thanks to a co-worker). Sure, I don’t enjoy every sound that is played, but, I find, it really makes a difference in my day, to have some sort of music as my backdrop. Gently - sometimes not to gently - supporting and pushing me through the day.

Berthold Auerbach puts it best when he said: "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

In my opinion, the world would be a sad, sad place if we didn’t have our tunes to get us through the day. Music could serve as your ultimate escape, there could be a specific track that gets you hyped up or even one that soothes your aching heart...

Music: what would we do without it?