Monday, January 31, 2011


Friday saw the arrival of I LOVE BASS at 121 Castle. If you missed it, you missed out! A plush and unspoiled venue with ample parking out front, two particularly well serviced bars, a tapas menu, VIP area and fantastic décor, served as all that was needed to get the party turning into a banger. Add the filthy breaks and dirty bass being thrown down by some heavy talented DJ’s, and we've got a winner. 

First up on the list of exceptionally awesome “thrower-downers-of-tunes” was Callan Maart (on a BREAK records) mixing it up with his own slick production. In my opinion, Callan is a talent and you all should keep him on your radars; He definitely got the night off to a sick start, the ambience so powerful one could assume from the vibes that things were about to get proper messy! 

As the liquid refreshments started to flow, the peeps started making their way to the floor, causing the party to kick up a gear. Next up on the decks was LG Fritz (on a BREAK records, Fukk it) and wow, did he bring the noise in large doses - fuck yes! Fat quantities of noise were the order of business and, believe me, those tunes were legend. The tempo went up and the growing crowd got down.

The stage was set, the crowd was hungry for more and :: more was had :: on steps Mezzanine (MuthaFM, Malignant Music). With his high energy set, Mezzanine had the crowd at his mercy - getting involved with us behind the decks, showing us love, and dropping some exceedingly sick tunes.
Headline Act: Enough Weapons (on a BREAK records) was up next… What a set! All the right ingredients were had for the crowd to get filthy:- along with floor shaking bass, dropping dance floor bangers and each and every hook and twist. People were kept on the bounce. Infectious as it was, I must ask: if you haven’t been a part of the mayhem (caused by Enough Weapons) where the hell have you been? 

To shut things down for the evening, Mr Bong (Two Twiggs Xperiment) jumped behind the decks and, to be honest, surprised even the seasoned “veterans” of the game with a killer set that ended the night on a supreme vibe, leaving people wondering when the next instalment of I LOVE BASS will be happening.

With all said and done, the first instalment went down way better than ‘smooth’, and I personally look forward - with bated breath - to round two.

Stay tuned for exclusive interviews with the guys who made it all happen.

Monday, January 24, 2011

A denomination for your belief

There are some things in life that are inexplicable, baffling and at times unexplainable. In this blog, I dedicate my words to that mysterious bond of friendship. The weird and wonderful connections one acquires when one meets another being with whom one has one or many things in common. Did you ever think there was a greater plan out there?

That perhaps whomever the creator of us was/is developed some kind of map on which a constellation of smaller destined souls were drawn and connected? Or do you believe that, yes the connection may be there, but one must work at continuing that bond, one must nurture it as one would a small plant? ‘Tis just something to think about. Here I go with the philosophical stuff. Perhaps this excerpt will give you a greater understanding of why we should cherish such small gifts such as friendship, peace, love, laughter. I struggle to come to terms with those who don’t; with those who take friendships for granted, who do not see that real and true friends are imperative.

In a comparison of personal relationships, friendship is considered to be closer than association. Although one can evaluate the type and intimacy of each friendship, friendship and association can be thought of as spanning across the same continuum. Sympathy, empathy, the desire to look out for the other’s best interests are a few attributes one can associate with the value of friendship. Honesty, trust and RECIPROCATION are a few of the more important.

There are times when I look around me, and from my perspective, I see the inner workings of say, for example, a crowd of friends at a restaurant table. Obviously, one cannot say exactly what is what to a tee when just observing, but from the outside, one can read the gestures, facial expressions etc. Now, I do not consider myself to be as adept as that old dude from Lie To Me at reading people, but I like to play pretend every now and then. (Tell me you haven’t learnt anything from that program.)

I see one-sided friendships, where reciprocation is nowhere to be seen, long gone with the time that has flown since the friendship was real. I see people making the effort where others choose just to BE:- Those ‘friends’ who aren’t yet sure how much they’ll miss if they continue to believe that they will always have friends and do not feel the need to make any attempt at contact/conversation. I mean, I exert myself in ways I did not know possible, trying to people-please my way through life, while few of those around me do no such thing.

The Roman philosopher Cicero believed that in order to have a true friendship with someone, one must have complete honesty, truth, and trust. He also thought that friends would do things for each other without expectation of repayment. It is hard to live by these words. We are all human and fuck up every now and then and in the process lose friendships and sight of what it is to be compassionate. The trick is to treat others as you would like to be treated (not to sound too cliché) and live life to its utmost potential.

I say in previous blogs that I believe 2011 to be a year of change and challenge and those who stand in the way will be left as casualties. Obviously, I do not mean that in an angry or war-driven manner, but I do believe that you are what you do; your actions mean the most. And if you have one or two of these so-called ‘friends’, it is my advice to sit each one down, discuss these friendships, and either bid each other bon voyage, or each agree to make effort one of your first priorities. I direct, reciprocation is key.

"Fate chooses your relations, you choose your friends." - Jacques Delille

Monday, January 17, 2011

Serene Days Inspire Me Most

Intricacies are meant to awaken, not dampen the spirits. The human spirit is inspired to grow strong by variances.

Let’s be honest, some days just suck balls. We are roused by thoughts that are less than pleasant, noises that irritate the eardrum, and scenery that confuses the shit out of us. These days we trod along in a sort of daze which ends in, more often than not, a night at the pub, either among individuals who spark the crazy in us, or alone with our perplexed thoughts and that old mate, typically a 40+ percentage volume liquor, stimulating that welcomed burning sensation right down to the gut.

Other days, and these days, although rare in some of us, find us with butterflies in the stomach, the optimism evident, keyed up for the day ahead, knowing that TODAY we’re going to kick ass, in every way possible. Each waking minute is filled with thoughts of improvement, plans for greatness, and the joy that we are alive. We feel encouragement from every angle, and take pride in our minds, bodies and souls.

I propose every day be like the latter, no matter how hard one must work at that positivism. So let’s tell it like it is – no ‘world on the shoulders’, fewer regrets and preferably no grudges. How can we make this life one that leaves legendary legacies for those around us to marvel at once we’re gone? Be YOU. Don’t let the silly things faze you. Keep smiling, laughing, singing, dancing. Keep happy. Keep well. And keep safe. But mostly, don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of the awesome things you want to do in life.

Surround yourself with sanguinity, with buoyancy and brightness. Deal with the shitty things and then move on. Bask in the beauty that is opportunity. Know that you are capable of anything, and that to know joy, one must know hardship. Be at peace with the inner workings of the universe. Destiny is not a target, but a labyrinth of your own movements; it is what you make it. Your fate is in your own unique hands.

Peace and love. These two simple abstracts make heroes out of men.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Like greyhounds in the slips..

Happy Fucking New Year!

Well folks, the New Year should be in full swing for most of you, I’m sure. How upsetting to be back behind the LCD screens instead of in the ocean, dreaming of a life filled with leisure and less work. MY second day back at the grind finds my mind wondering reminiscently about what actually happened last year. Looking back, I appreciate the beginning and end, the haze of good times, not so good times and fantastic times. I see you standing like greyhounds in the slips. Bated breath and all…

According to Urban Dictionary:
“Change... it happens every second of every happens when you grow. When you change scenery...everyone all depends on if it is good or bad”

Let me be inspirational here for a sec. Give U.D an ass-kicking on the philosophical crap front. I’ve decided to grab this proverbial bull by the horns, face the year head on, no holds barred, challenge myself and hopefully inspire change in those around me. Take a leaf out of my book. I implore you; go skydiving for your birthday as I am. Travel the world. Better yet, come to Thailand with me at the end of 2011. As I’m improving your reading pleasure with my blog upgrades, I also look forward to my hopeful sideline project, while dipping my toes into the music scene. With so much to do and the excitement of what’s to come so near on that glorious horizon, buckling up would be my advice. We are in for an adventure of a lifetime! 2011, the year for change, spontaneity, journeys that would make grown men curl up into foetal-like positions. A year of ambivalence, and pushing oneself to the extremes. This should be the year we come in to our own. A year where I will say (and it would do you all the good in the world to do the same):

“If you don’t like it, do not get in my way, I’m not moving for anyone!”

2011, I’m gonna make you my bitch.
And greyhounds, keep reading, and enjoying.
Peace and love