Monday, August 30, 2010


Well after another, um, let’s call it a messy night at the Brass Bell on Friday I thought I may as well try out some hangover remedies, needless to say none of them worked but here goes anyway…

First Trial:

Glass of water and two Ponado’s before bed, apart from making me feel like it’s time to throw up, and the wasted time trying to find a glass, the water and then the Ponado’s it was a Fail!

Not a good start , Hangover 1 Ian 0

Second Trial:

The morning after…feeling like absolute shit decided maybe it’s time to put some food in my body, obviously I could'nt face standing in front of the stove and actually cooking anything…decided to settle on some Tzatziki and rice crackers…FAIL, Note to self: Under no circumstances EVER have anything creamy while hanging!!

Score Update Hangover 2 Ian 0

Third Trial:

The good old Power Nap…Felt remotely refreshed for about half an hour after. Then the little man inside of my head thought he’d remind me he was still very much there and started a new assault on the inside of my skull

Hangover 3 Ian 0.5 (I was hanging okay, felt good to at least get half a point)

By the time the Fourth Trial rolled on I was starting to feel a tad helpless…

Fourth Trial:

Jumping in my car heading for those Big Golden Arches, All I could here in my head was the “ Da da da da daaaa… I'm loving it” After the first bite of my Mega Mac (With the severity of my self inflicted near death experience, there was no middle ground, I went for the biggest) I was'nt loving it, to be honest, with every bite I felt like I was slipping even further down the slippery slope of a full body melt down.

You know the score…

Fifth Trial:

AAAAAAAH moment strikes…Sugar, defiantly need sugar…Crème Soda, I'm not even going to bother describing the terrible-ness that hit me after the first mouthful.

Screw the score…

So after five separate attempts over the course of Saturday I realized that there is just no escaping that little bastard inside my head…Duvet, Couch, Dvd’s and suffering what a fantastic Saturday.

Note to little bastard that lives in my head, (who only seems to surface on weekends): Would you please let me know what you like to drink so we can coexist in harmony because next weekend is going to be MENTAL!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Wonder much?

Standing in front of the mirror shaving this morning, with my new Samurai type razor with 5 blades, got me wondering who in their right mind honestly needs 5 razor blades in one razor when one blade, be it new, does a perfectly good job?

It actually got me pondering a few things, like the fact we have “belly buttons” maybe it was critical for aerodynamics, when we were hauling ass from Saber tooth tigers, or storing a "last resort" small berry on long hunting trips…I just don’t see the point of it being there, why doesn't it just grow closed after the umbilical cord has been cut?

Why is there that undescribable fear when your hand almost get's stuck in something or when you kick your pinky toe rage fills your entire body?

Maybe I wonder too much, but then again it is Friday.

Safe weekend yeah!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

So you want to be a blog-star?

Jumping straight back into the deep end. I though it’d be cool to “interview” a “blog-star” and friend Craig who presents his scathing masterpieces on

Sup Bud so tell me, how and why did you get seduced into the Blogosphere?
Wordpress is my pimp. I honestly had no choice. You should see the bruises.

You’ve been at it for quite a while now, any secrets to keeping your readers interested?
Contrary to unpopular belief, not many people actually come back. Haha. Sigh.

Do you like the, often said, “mythical” Unicorn?
Err... dumb question. That obviously depends on the colour of said "mythical" Unicorn.

What are a few of your favorite blogs / time wastage sites? | | | |

Will you be entering The 2010 SA Blog awards?
Fuck no. Of course. Possibly.

Is there any topic that you would shy away from?
No never. What you talking about. I don't believe you.

Any tricks / tips for noobs to the world of blogging?
Never shout out "beast mode" to your lady when switching to doggie style.

If you had to choose one, what would you say is your maddest skill?
My ability to take shit from people for a short amount of time?

And finally, 5 people alive or dead, you would want to share an ale with?
Dude. I'm a realist. And the valley has herpes. I would never share my ale

Shot bru, good luck if you possibly dont, but maybe do decide to enter the Blog Awards.

By the by if you’re interested in some sweet-ass tee’s check out Craig & Co’s T-shirt company, MehPow links on his blog, check it yo

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Steps...

So I've taken the proverbial plunge and started a blog WOOP! I'm not exactly sure why the "Blogosphere" has attracted me here, I wasn't even offered any free shit...Oh well let's see where this goes then! I'm not intending this as anything else other than random mumblings of a 20 something, add some funny shit and some time wastage into the mix and I'm sure it'll all be just fine, So to the first of many, Cheers